Ronald Christoph LIVE

Ronald Christoph is a Berlin-based techno and house producer and has been actively working as a professional musician since the early 90s. During this time he has paid homage to every genre imaginable; classical, jazz, reggae, hip hop, electro, crossover, metal, r ‘n’ b, rock ‘n’ rock and finally house and techno.

His diverse musical capabilities combined with his refined sense for the needs of the dancing generation and its DJ protagonists, turn his productions and co-productions into genuine club anthems. His love of production sees him mixing melodic compositions and taking rhythmic elements from motown, blues and funk, while his soft spot for Detroit techno and Chicago house spices these tracks with an urban, techno inspired clarity that is as pure free love.

His unique talents as a producer are in constant demand. 2007 has already seen the great and good of the Berlin and international DJ community call upon his studio skills.

To date, Ronald Christoph has played more than 500 concerts and club gigs. His recent use of Groove Tools with its focus on the dancefloor has opened up numerous production possibilities for his latest productions. While his extensive repertoire gives every live set that he plays a special, sudorific quality. His sound is often described as having a certain dirtiness, which should be experienced first hand! His range lies between airy sweet, melodic house sets and harder, partly experimental peak time live techno performances. When he plays live he uses an array of samplers and effects machines to their full potential, often adding more than two tracks to the mix.

Ronald Christoph also believes in the value systems that form the foundations of the techno and house scenes; individual freedom, brotherly love, tolerance, open-mindedness and non-violence. He finds Europe’s current internal and foreign policy, the restriction of civil rights and the atrocious fight for oil and war against terrorism an abomination. Therefore his music can be seen as a prayer for freedom and understanding.