Oliver Ton

Berlin..Berlin Du bist so wunderbar…And that is praise that is not only true of this city. Berlin is as diverse as Oliver Ton. Oliver Ton is a musical talent that is hard to ignore nowadays. The young Berliner has been a part of the techno scene for almost a decade, absorbing all the emotion and inspiration that he needs to fuel his love for house and tech-house. In 2006 he made his first appearances on the DJ circuit in Berlin and quickly began putting together parties. Constantly driven by his ambition, he was not content with simply devising parties and for the past three years he has been refining his own sound, which appears to be something that the punters are more than happy to listen to.

Summer 2009 saw him achieve his dream – a single of grand proportions – Hasta el Fin, an absolute house jewel. Blowing away the likes of Karotte, DJ Hell, Lexy, Niconé, Phillip Bader and Bar 25 resident Dirty Döring but just as importantly the crowds too: screams were heard from the 25.000 strong mass at Love Family Park, the crowd in Cocoon, out on Ibiza and back at Bar 25 in Berlin. DJ Hell even described the track at Ibiza Sonica as the fresh sound of Berlin, something featuring in his sets more and more often and likened the track from Oliver Ton to productions by Carl Craig, so it was only a matter of time until the track was signed to International Gigolo Records. Indeed, Oliver Ton is the sum of his parts and these are much more than just Hasta el Fin. Releases can be found on Rennbahn, Styledriver, WHITE and Sonat Records and his sets have been described as “unifying sounds, melodies, rhythm and floors, sidestepping borders and genres”.

Those wanting to experience Oliver Ton should keep their eyes and ears open; his aim is to use his sound to render our world a better place and to do that “Hasta el Fin” (until the very end).