Cats, cookies & confetti!
MikAH, known far and wide, has been trouble-making in Hamburg’s techno scene since 2010. It doesn’t matter if he’s a DJ or playing host at his passionately crafted ‚Heimatmeldie‘ parties – he knows how to create an intimate atmosphere.
It starts in the ears, goes to the legs, and ends deep in the heart – MikAH’s sound isn’t subject to any genre limits. Inspired by the crowd, the atmosphere in the club, and his own emotion, his record case is full of surprises. His playing will transcend senses, shake the dance floor, and leave deep impressions in your mind. You could describe him as dramatic, brave, creative, and driven by melody as well as a lot of blood, sweat and tears. MikAH lives his music and is skillful at transferring this passion to the crowd. Where words cease, music starts – and along these lines MikAH has a lot to offer.